Slinkd Privacy and Security.

Privacy and Security

Slinkd is a truly simple secure, video, talk and chat service provided by Mobility, a small, independent software and design team based in Palo Alto, CA. We love to help people communicate safely and securely in this ever intrusive environment, which is why we are offering Slinkd in Beta. We're not here to sell ads based on your conversations, resell information about you, or keep track of what you do online. We respect your privacy and the security of your communications. This page describes how we put those values into practice.

How SLINKD Works

Slinkd is based on a fairly new technology called S2R (Secure Realtime Communication). In essence, S2R gives your web browser Securely creates an peer to peer link that enables communication via audio, video, and other data with someone else's computer. The technology used to ENCRYPT and SECURE your call is the same as the one used to secure transferring of credit card data (very different than storing card data).
To make Slinkd go, we use a whole alphabet's soup of advanced technologies for realtime communication (STUN, TURN, SRTP, DTLS, UDP, XMPP, and so on). The basic idea is this:
• When you visit the Slinkd website or launch the Slinkd site on Android, your computer runs the software code that we provide and talks to our server to set up the video chat.
• When your friend visits the link you send, your friend's computer also runs our software code.
• Once both computers are connected to our server, your computer exchanges various kinds of information with your friend's computer either directly ("peer to peer"), through our server, or through a special "media relay" that we run to help audio and video data travel through firewalls.
• You and your friend have a pleasant conversation, click the "Leave" button, and your computers tear down the various connections they set up to each other, our server, and the media relay.

Security and encryption

The short story is that your audio and video data are encrypted between your computer and your friend's computer, so that your conversations can't be unscrambled by eavesdroppers. We also encrypt all the set up, call control, and tear down information that your computer sends to our servers (which can reveal private information such as the "IP address" of your computer).

Why go enterprise?

We tear down and don’t save any information after the call tear down. However, we’d recommend overly sensitive companies to allow us to host enterprise version hosted at your severs.

Secure promise:

Unfortunately, there isn't a user-friendly way to tell if we're decrypting your communications in the middle (although the geeky "S2 internals" method can show this information), so if you want ultimate control you'll need to run your own servers. This really isn't all that hard for serious techies, but if you're a normal Internet user it's beyond your reach, which is why we offer Slinkd in the first place.